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Upcoming Shows

Date City Venue
02/04/15 Atlanta Private Event
Time: 7:00pm.
02/07/15 Atlanta Private Event
Time: 7:00pm.
02/22/15 Atlanta Private Event
Time: 7:00pm.
04/19/15 Marietta, GA ALOMA House Concert
Time: 5:00pm.

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Past Shows

Date City Venue
01/21/15 Greensboro, GA Reynolds Plantation (Private)
Time: 6:00pm. With the Steve Dancz Quartet
01/11/15 Atlanta, GA Churchill Grounds
Time: 8:00pm. Guest singer with Matthew Kaminski’s Hammond Organ Grooves. Trey Wright, guitar, Mike Dana, drums.
01/08/15 Atlanta Pricci
Time: 7:00pm. With guitarist Sal Gentile in the bar, 7-10pm
12/18/14 Atlanta Pricci
Time: 7:00pm. Had such a great time last week with guitarist Sal Gentile, I’ve been invited back for another Thursday in the bar!
12/11/14 Atlanta Pricci
Time: 7:00pm. with jazz guitarist Sal Gentile
12/10/14 Atlanta Private Event
Time: 7:00pm.

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With a timeless voice and sense of swing, Laura Coyle performs classic jazz music at private events, weddings & concert venues in Atlanta and the Southeast.

Photography by Andrea Taylor Studio